10K Trail Run – Bucket List

Race Number

Ladies and gentlemen, I did it! I completed the first (hopefully of many) task from my 26th birthday bucket list created to force me out of my comfort zone, and jumpstart this year of living in discomfort. [Check out my bucket list here] Since I created that list and posted it on le blog on my […]

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Beyonce’s Vegan Diet Challenge

Beyonce's Vegan Challenge

So it’s time yall. I’ve got to get this eating under control. Not only to lose weight, but to get my overall health back together. Any time I’ve lost control of my eating habits in the past, my body has let me know: constant headaches, mind fogginess, bloating, etc. Ive gotten to the point where […]

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The Car Crash That Changed Everything

Evernote Camera Roll 20150706 131433

  And so this happened… one month before I finished paying off my car, I got into a car crash while heading to work. A car stopped in the middle of a busy road, and a Cadillac tried to turn out of the car’s way, while also trying to stop (forgetting that with such a […]

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MBA Graduation

Vee Valentine graduating

When I was a little girl I attended a graduation ceremony that prepped me for this very moment when the program director placed my academic hood on my shoulders. Even as a young girl I noticed the prestige that graduate level candidates received during each ceremony, and the symbolism of the academic hood. I remember […]

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Magic Mike XXL Advanced Screening Event

Magic Mike XXL

The only way you haven’t heard about the release of Magic Mike XXL is if you’ve been living under a rock. Since you’re reading this post, I consider you one of my internet friends. Therefore, it is my duty to pull you from underneath that rock so that we can both prosper in all the […]

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My Bucket List: A Year of Discomfort

My Bucket List

Hello again ladies and gents, Welcome back! So this is where the fun stuff begins ::rubs hands together:: I got a little heavy (at least for me) in the last post talking about my weight loss struggles (you can read more on that here). Now it’s time to talk about something that is a little […]

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Welcome to VeeValentine.com!


Hello everyone, My name is Vee Valentine (we’ll get into the nickname further along the road). I’m a twenty-something, single, female living in sunny South Florida. I have about 5,011 degrees, working in corporate America, hustling to end the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Honestly, I’m just trying to figure life out. Over the years I’ve […]

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New Beginnings


Well. I lost my job today. I feel like the rug has been snatched from under me. All of the plans I had made for my future: improving my credit score, establishing a budget and savings plan, becoming a vital breadwinner within my house of five have come crumbling down. Now I know these plans […]

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