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AFROPUNK Atlanta 2015 Experience


First off let me start off by saying that there was no AFROPUNK in the traditional sense of the festival. A day before my flight to Atlanta, AFROPUNK announced that they were canceling the entire festival due to “inclement weather.” However, my friends and I decided to thug it out and go anyway. Both my flight and […]

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10K Trail Run – Bucket List

Race Number

Ladies and gentlemen, I did it! I completed the first (hopefully of many) task from my 26th birthday bucket list created to force me out of my comfort zone, and jumpstart this year of living in discomfort. [Check out my bucket list here] Since I created that list and posted it on le blog on my […]

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My Bucket List: A Year of Discomfort

My Bucket List

Hello again ladies and gents, Welcome back! So this is where the fun stuff begins ::rubs hands together:: I got a little heavy (at least for me) in the last post talking about my weight loss struggles (you can read more on that here). Now it’s time to talk about something that is a little […]

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