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2016 New Year Resolutions: The Sowing Season

New Year Resolutions

Hello loves, It’s been an interesting year, filled with many highs and lows. In the last quarter of the year, there were a few times that I thought that I was at my breaking point with the amount of stress that I was dealing with. I barely made it through. During this time I learned a […]

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7 Reasons Why You Need an Affirmation Journal

why you need an affirmation journal

While shopping at Charming Charlie, a bright yellow journal caught my eye. It read “Happy Thoughts” in obnoxious hot pink letters, and I couldn’t help but purchase it. I’m not a journal type girl. I’ve tried dozens of times to start one, but I’ve never been able to keep up the habit. However the brightness of […]

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The Car Crash That Changed Everything

Evernote Camera Roll 20150706 131433

  And so this happened… one month before I finished paying off my car, I got into a car crash while heading to work. A car stopped in the middle of a busy road, and a Cadillac tried to turn out of the car’s way, while also trying to stop (forgetting that with such a […]

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MBA Graduation

Vee Valentine graduating

When I was a little girl I attended a graduation ceremony that prepped me for this very moment when the program director placed my academic hood on my shoulders. Even as a young girl I noticed the prestige that graduate level candidates received during each ceremony, and the symbolism of the academic hood. I remember […]

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Welcome to!


Hello everyone, My name is Vee Valentine (we’ll get into the nickname further along the road). I’m a twenty-something, single, female living in sunny South Florida. I have about 5,011 degrees, working in corporate America, hustling to end the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Honestly, I’m just trying to figure life out. Over the years I’ve […]

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New Beginnings


Well. I lost my job today. I feel like the rug has been snatched from under me. All of the plans I had made for my future: improving my credit score, establishing a budget and savings plan, becoming a vital breadwinner within my house of five have come crumbling down. Now I know these plans […]

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