5 Tips to Get the Eyebrow Shape That You Want

5 Tips to Get the Eyebrow Shape That You

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I have had the hardest time finding an eyebrow technician that could give me the eyebrow shape I’ve been craving. I have tried both waxing and threading, and each time have been left feeling underwhelmed. None of the technicians were able to give me a nice arch, while maintaining the thickness of my natural brow. I consistently had thinned out, rounded eyebrows that had me looking surprised.

I’ve tried 6 different locations since being back in my home city- which is time consuming when you think about the fact that I had to grow them out after each disaster. Needless to say, I’d almost given up.

Last week I finally found a technician who could give me what I needed. I thought about the struggle I went through to get to this point, and realized that other people may be suffering from the same problem. I compiled a few tips that I’ve learned along the way that allowed me to get the shape that I’ve always wanted.

1. Grow out your eyebrows

I know, I know. We all hate this part of the process, but it’s necessary. I rough it for about 6 weeks. That’s usually adequate time to have enough growth for a proper eyebrow reshaping. I take hair, skin, and nail vitamins that help my hair grow pretty fast [I’ll be doing a post on that soon]. Depending on how quickly you hair grows in that area, you may have to wait a little bit longer. You need a good amount of growth, otherwise, the next “eyebrow lady (or man)” will have to work with an already jacked up canvas.

2. Get a referral
Find someone in your area with a shape that you would like. Be friendly! Ask them who did their eyebrows. I have 3 jobs, one of which is part time at a grocery store. Many people come through my line, and I make it a point to look at their eyebrows. When I find a shape that is fierce I casually ask the customer who did their brows. Each time I’ve asked, I was able to get a referral to a shop within my area.

3. Do your research
Based on the referrals that you receive, use Google to see if anyone has reviewed the business. People are usually more quick to post a review when they receive horrible service. Pay attention to those. If the company has had some bad reviews, look to see how recent they are. If it’s within the last 3 months, you may want to choose a different location.If the negative reviews aren’t recent, take into consideration that the company may have restructured since then to provide better quality products to their clients.

4. Go to a business that specializes in eyebrows
There were quite a lot of people that told me about nail shops that provided eye brow waxing services. I chose not to go to them because that’s where I received horrible results in the past. Think about it. In shops like these you usually have a nail technician who also can “do your eyebrows”. This is not their bread and butter, and they’ll usually work fast to get you out the door to work on their next mani and pedi. Find a brow bar where they hire employees whose specialization is in shaping the eyebrow. They spend everyday perfecting their craft. These types of places may be a little more expensive, but you’ll get a better result.

5. Talk with the technician about that shape you’re looking for
I made it a point to talk to my “eyebrow lady” about the mistakes others made in the past in regards to my eyebrow shape. I explained what look I was going for, and made sure she understood. Let them know whether you want your brows thin or thick. Boxed or curved. Slight arch or sharp arch. Make sure you know what you want before you sit down in that chair. That way, you can easily explain it to your… “eyebrow lady”.

I used all of these tips when I found my permanent eyebrow specialist. I love her. She is amazing. I will never let anyone else touch my brows. I know what days she works, and what time she works. I play no games yall. When I find something I like, I stick with them.

Check out some tweets I posted right after my service:
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Hope this helps!

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